30 Seconds to Success – Special

30 Seconds to Success – Award-winning Networking Expert Jeff Klein teaches a proven technique to help business professionals and salespeople generate referrals from their 30 second networking commercials. Jeff has been helping businesses all over North America craft and communicate their messages for over 24 years. He Guarantees he delivers effective, results-oriented 30-Second Networking Commercials for his clients to use to grow their businesses.



Workshop – $75

Includes mp3 of 30 Seconds to Success CD


Audio Download – $20 This is the mp3 version of Jeff’s CD that has helped over 2,000 business professionals get more referrals.


eBook – $7.99


I’ve been networking for years and have often times felt like networking wasn’t working for me. While I had the exposure to other professionals, the networking meetings I was attending were not driving results…and in sales, time is money! Then, I attended a seminar that Jeff Klein presented the topic “Getting Referrals with your 30 Second Commercial.”

The very next networking event I attended resulted in several referrals names, phone numbers, etc. I am now looking for a time that I can have Jeff present to my entire sales staff. His information and methods are invaluable!

Amy Doty – VP Sales & Marketing , Texas Jewish Post

Jeff gave real world, use it now, here’s how you think you knew how to network but were so off the mark no wonder you weren’t getting anywhere with it but here’s how to fix it tactics and techniques that i put to use immediately. I’ve been to many networking events and it kills me to think how I’ve mishandled those golden opportunities! Never again. Thank you Jeff!

Michael Hoffman , CSP – Igniting Performance

Jeff has a lot to share on being a proactive networker. He’s the kind of person who gets what he needs by helping others get what they want. He can help you to look good, to grow and to interact effectively! I appreciate what I’ve learned from Jeff as well as the introductions he’s helped me with. I’d recommend him as a speaker and just as someone to know.

Barb Granados – Owner, Lattes On Location

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